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Digital data room for smooth business transfers

‍It would be nice if you could fully focus on making a fair agreement during a business transfer instead of organizing all company data. We recently started helping new and existing customers set up digital data rooms in which all financial, legal, and other business information is securely and accurately stored.


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Thanks to our unique collaboration with the Dutch software company Virtual Vaults, we have been able to organize the entire process of setting up a digital data room as efficiently as possible. As always, we combine our specialization in corporate law with our knowledge of legal tech.

Why a (digital) data room?

As a seller, you must provide all available information to ensure that the buyer can fulfill his investigation obligation. The advantage of a digital data room is that it makes the entire process faster, safer, and more efficient. You can upload documents in bulk and securely give your buyer access to the data. As a seller, you can always redact data and privacy-sensitive information.

How is a data room set up?

You can leave the setting up of a digital data room entirely to us. We start by creating your own 'digital vault' before uploading and indexing all the documentation. We are at your complete disposal during the preparation, sharing, and closing of the transaction and will keep you informed of the progress.

What information belongs in a data room?

Of course, we assess in advance which company data is relevant to process in your data room. In general, a data room in a business transfer contains the following information:

  • Legal Documentation and Agreements
  • Current financial documentation
  • General company information
  • Overview of personnel and organization
  • Information regarding pensions
  • Tax documentation

How secure is a digital data room?

With both Legal Manager and Virtual Vaults, you can rest assured that we process your company data according to the highest security standards. Virtual Vaults uses a strict Information Security Management System (ISMS) and is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. Legal Manager is ISO 27001:2017 certified. In addition, all data gets stored on servers in Europe, and all data processing is done in accordance with European privacy and security standards (GDPR).

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