Legal operations consultancy

We help you set up an in-house legal ops department.

The field of legal operations has become the main discipline for innovation in the legal industry. Is your company looking to install its very own legal ops department? Our consultants help you implement the right people, processes and technology.

OUR expertise

We help you implement the right people, processes and technology.


Our consultants help your department to find the right people trained to manage, execute and monitor your legal ops following all its competencies. 


Our consultants help your department to analyze the efforts behind business processes. This data can be used to develop a solid legal operations framework. 


Our consultants help you implement the right technologies and optimize usage of management software such as  Legisway and Diligent Entities.

Legal ops consultancy

Legal ops is aninvestment worth your while.

Legal operations has become the leading field to accelerate and optimize business processes. Investing in qualified legal ops specialists, process innovation and a solid technological infrastructure will rigorously amp up efficiency and your legal department's organizational impact.

Data insights

Data-driven decisions and increased control over spending.

Once your legal ops department is up and running you should be able to do significantly more with data. Our consultants help your legal department increase control over its spending while helping the company make data-informed decisions. Decisions that help achieve the business’ strategic goals in a way that is structured, cost-effective and insightful.

Explore our Expertise

Start deploying the right resources to the right project at the right price.

Ready to unburden your legal department? Schedule a call with one of our legal operations specialists to receive free advice and insight into your business case.

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