Legal operations outsourcing

We manage, execute and monitor your entire legal ops.

In the fast rising legal industry, legal operations has become the leading discipline for process innovation. Our Legal Managers specialize exclusively in legal operations and can therefore manage, execute and monitor your legal ops in a way that’s efficient, cost-effective and transparent.

OUR expertise

What outsourcing your entire legal operations includes.

Entity Management

We manage compliance, data and reporting for all of your company’s entities.

Contract Management

We draft, create and review contracts and manage them through to execution and eventual termination.

Compliance Management

We maintain compliance of all your entities following local jurisdictions.

Data Privacy Management

We continuously update your company’s privacy admin so that it always complies with the GDPR.

Legal Spend Management

We help you control outside counsel spend by reviewing invoices and providing better insight in legal spending.

Real Estate Management

We organize your real estate admin through contract review and make sure everything is in compliance.

Matter Management

We manage your matters admin by keeping track of allocated resources and relevant data.


We provide a safe and perfectly valid way of signing legal agreements using E-signatures

Legal ops outsourcing

No more overqualified attorneys doing standard legal work.

Legal departments today are struggling with an overwhelming workload because of all the extra operational tasks. Outsourcing relieves your company of the pressure of having to allocate overqualified legal professionals, in-house or externally, on doing standard, recurring legal work.

Data insights

Data-driven decisions and increased control over spending.

We specialize in the inner workings of legal operations and use state-of-the-art technology to optimize our service level. Because of this we can help your legal department increase control over its spending while helping the company make data-informed decisions. Together we achieve the business’ strategic goals in a way that is structured, cost-effective and insightful.

Explore our Expertise

Experience a smarter way to manage your recurring legal work.

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