Legal operations support

Flexible and on demand support for all your routine legal work.

An online 'on demand' support desk that handles your routine legal tasks (e.g. managing contracts, drafting reports and organizing company records), starting at just 2 hours of flexible resourcing per week!

OUR expertise

How we can help your department get back to practicing law.

Entity Management

We manage compliance, data and reporting for all of your company’s entities.

Contract Management

We draft, create and review contracts and manage them through to execution and eventual termination.

Compliance Management

We maintain compliance of all your entities following local jurisdictions.

Data Privacy Management

We continuously update your company’s privacy admin so that it always complies with the GDPR.

Matter Management

We manage your matters admin by keeping track of allocated resources and relevant data.


We provide a safe and valid way of signing legal agreements using E-signatures.

Template generation

With template generation, you can safe a lot of valuable time spent on drafting documents.

Legal support services

Always an expert at hand, without the need of your supervision.

Our Legal Managers are always at your disposal to maintain your standard recurring legal work. They have extensive knowledge of management software which enables them to do this kind of work faster and better while giving you full transparency of their progress.

Data insights

We help you makedata-driven decisions.

No data, no control. Many legal departments don’t utilize their data analytics adequately and therefore have difficulty gaining direct access to accurate information. Additionally, knowledge in using the available tools optimally is lacking. We help you get your legal management data in order to improve your business performance and make better decisions.

Explore our Expertise

Stop wasting your budget on overqualified professionals or the less productive hours.

Ready to unburden your legal department? Schedule a free demo with one of our legal operations specialists to receive free advice and insight into your business case.

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