Legal operations

What is Legal Operations?

Legal operations (or legal ops) is a discipline that effectively combines business processes, human expertise and innovative technologies to help legal departments run more efficiently and make better decisions. It enables these departments to focus on providing its advisory role and therefore deliver more strategic value to the enterprise.


Drive efficiency
Legal operations is about removing departmental obstacles and organizational bottlenecks to drive efficiency to an optimal level.
Increase transparency
Effective management of legal operations includes continuous monitoring of all operational data to enhance departmental transparency.
Reduce legal expenses
Hiring the right people to handle legal ops boosts departmental efficiency and relieves overqualified professionals from operational tasks.
Accelerate the business
With enhanced efficiency, transparency and significant cost-reduction, your legal department will be ready to speed up business processes instead of slowing them down.

Why Legal Operations?

As companies grow and expand today, departmental and organizational obstacles are becoming painfully clear. Traditional workflows and a lack of automation increase risk, make business processes unpredictable and slow down progress.

Legal ops provides an innovative answer to these problems of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and transparency. It is a discipline that teaches people to specialize in management, planning and to get the most out of data driven technology. 

Services to elevate your Legal Operations.

Whether you’re representing a small business or a global enterprise, investing in legal ops is always applicable. Perhaps your company is in need of consulting on how to set up its own in-house legal operations team and technological infrastructure. Or would you rather just outsource parts of or even your entire legal ops to us? Whatever it is, we take care of it.

Explore our Services

legal operations competencies

12 competencies to achieve operational excellence.

Business Intelligence

Use data and measurements to make well-informed decisions

Financial Management

Optimize resources through sustainable & strategic investments

Firm & Vendor Management

Improve accessibility for vendors to create new business opportunities

Information Governance

Formulate clear information policies to minimize risk

Knowledge Management

Make knowledge resources accessible company-wide

Organization Optimization & Health

Create a healthy space for group and personal development

Practice Operations

Let the legal dpt focus on practicing law instead of operational tasks

Project / Program Management

Train legal teams to manage large-scale, company wide projects

Service Delivery Models

Distribute case work to specialized groups, in-house or externally

Strategic Planning

Define long-term strategic goals to grow and protect the business


Drive efficiency and solve problems through innovation and technology

Training & Development

Provide educational programmes to enhance expertise within the dpt

Discover how your organization can build its own legal operations infrastructure.

Ready to unburden your legal department? Schedule a free demo with one of our legal operations specialists to receive free advice and insight into your business case.

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