Client cases

How legal ops works for our clients.

At Legal Manager we take care of more than 4500 entities worldwide. Through a series of client cases we can show you how legal ops works for our clients.

Case studies

Learn more about how our clients are able to achieve more, at a lower cost.

marine services

Smit Lamnalco: "we have control over our data"

For over 12 months, we support the in-house legal department with our legal admin services...

3 min read
• June 2, 2020
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NLC' implementation of Legisway (1/2)

A very interesting client case because of the complexity of its operations. Together we...

5 min read
• Aug 31, 2021
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NLC' implementation of Legisway(2/2)

A follow-up to the case of NLC and how they, together with Legal Manager, implemented...

5 min read
• Sep 13, 2021
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