Meet our network and tech partners.

Legal tech is making a rapid impact on business innovation. Our work as legal operations specialists is to keep up with the latest technoligcal developments and expand our network to improve our services.

Our partners

Our efficient workflow has everything to do with solid partnerships and  excellent legal tech solutions

Diligent Entities

Diligent Entities is an integrated entity management system that unites multiple business units such as legal, tax, finance and compliance in a single system of record that scales to solve the complexities of your business today and tomorrow.

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Legisway Essentials

Legisway combines legal and software expertise to bring real world intelligence to leading technology solutions. It empowers legal professionals to boost efficiency, increase collaboration across the business, and enable business growth.

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Our collaboration with Firm24 creates a new one-stop-shop that completely unburdens companies in the area of notarial and corporate services, like UBO-registration, contracts and compliance management.

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PrivacyPerfect is a legal-tech solution that simplifies global privacy compliance management and helps to handle every data privacy situation with confidence.

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DocuSign provides a secure and reliable contract management system and e-signature tool. It is completely cloud-based and a must-have for most of our clients

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Juriblox makes legal processes easier through automation, contract lifecycle management, AI, document assembly, process optimization and ODR. It's a tool we use on a day-to-day basis.

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Virtual Vaults

Thanks to our unique collaboration with Dutch software company Virtual Vaults, we have been able to organize the entire process of setting up a digital data room as efficiently as possible.

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Liance Legal

In cooperation with our network partner Liance Legal we offer our clients additional services on the topics of M&A, support, International contracting, EU procurement, Intellectual Property, Governance and compliance, Labour law and Tax.

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Symfact provides a broad range of legal tech solutions. From CLM to Risk and Compliance Management, from Entity to Intellectual Property management.

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Adobe Sign

Adobe is of course one of the most well-known software enterprises in the world. Adobe Sign is a very easy to use e-signature tool compatible with Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday and other apps.

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Microsoft Sharepoint

Sharepoint is one of the most secure ways to share and store documents within your organization. It's our preferred collaboration tool when it comes to cloud storage.

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Our partnership with BRYTER ensures that we remain up-to-date with the newest solutions in legal tech. BRYTER is a platform that provides no-code solutions that enable business experts to build digital applications. With these solutions they bridge the gap between subject knowledge and development skills.

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Weagree is leading innovator of contract automation providers worldwide. Our partnership with Weagree ensures a highly user-friendly contract automation solution for top quality contracts.

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