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Only the best tech solutions.

Legal tech is making a rapid impact on business innovation. Our work as legal operations specialists is to keep up with the latest developments and use these technologies to the benefit of our clients.

Skills, knowledge, tools

Our legal professionals are masters in utilizing the following legal tech solutions.


Wolters Kluwer's all encompassing legal ops managing software


Automated documentation grounded in data processing

Diligent Entities

Accurate entity management with a focus on risk and compliance


All-in-one privacy management technology


Tech solutions for CLM, risk and compliance management


Safe and reliable cloud-based contract management


Online platform to incorporate and manage Dutch BV's


Easy and intuitive software for E-signatures

Microsoft Sharepoint

Team collaboration software to enhance departmental workflows

And more...

We're always implementing and developing the best software solutions. Get in touch to learn more about our latest partners.

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